The Many Uses of Our Home Décor’s Slipcovers and Furniture Covers

Slipcovers are a homeowners dream come true of decorating their living space that fits everyone’s budget. A customer might be wondering what are the many uses of slipcovers for different furniture in their next interior design project at home? Feeling Stuck and tired of the same old furniture for years in the house. Make an investment in buying slipcovers for your Home Décor. There are many incredible ways distinctive styles of slipcovers transforms a new fresh breath of life and beauty into your home.

Slipcovers can be used with any furniture in the house including recliners, dining chairs, tables, sofas, and ottomans. There are many benefits to using slipcovers for furniture in the house. Many families have cats and dogs with long fur. Does your long haired cat and dog love to hang out on top of the couch as their favorite spot? Animal fur from our pets gets stuck around couches and sofas throughout the house. Before purchasing new furniture, the solution to preserving your old furniture from your furry animals is slipcovers and furniture covers.

Do you have small children that love to use crayons to draw their works of art on the sofa?

Don’t throw out your furniture, slipcovers as fast and easy to put over your furniture. Cover your couches and sofas with slipcovers to make your furniture look brand new. Slipcovers also protects your furniture underneath it from dirt and crayon marks from the little ones. In addition, slipcovers are easy to clean by putting it in the washing machine over and over again. Restore old and worn out furniture around the house by putting on a slipcover as the least expensive option for decorating your home.  Never fear of replacing your old and worn out furniture, because the cost effectiveness of slip covers preserves the furniture without the high cost of buying new furniture.

Is there a coffee table or table in the living room filled with books, papers, and mail? Put on a slipcover to hide all the storage below the coffee table.

Have any great ideas for designs for your brand new slipcovers? Update your living space by putting on a new style slipcover. Channel the interior designer in you to create customizable slipcovers by bringing your personal style. Select the desired color and decorative patterns, including floral, solids, and stripes, to compliment your living space.

Customers have the misconception slipcovers are loose, outdated, and unfitted with ruffles, but you can purchase contemporary and modern styles that are fitted with various sizes specifically to your sofa, ottoman, and couch. Do not forget to also select the type of cushion to be as comfortable with sitting on your furniture.

Tired of the outdated cotton fabric texture of your sofas and couches. There are many fabric options available for your Home Décor, such as stretch, quilted, faux suede, polyester, damask, and faux.

Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Who doesn’t love a good makeover for their home, right? It adds new patterns, styles and even builds up equity. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can afford to get their home renovated with fancy centerpieces and new furniture. If you’re on a tight budget but want to give your home an upgrade, here are some home improvement tips that won’t cost all your savings.

A Coat of Paint, Here and There

If there was one part of your home that could make all the difference between making your home look like it needs a makeover now or could use one later, it’s the paint. Cracking or peeling paint can be giveaway sign that screams ‘In Need Of Renovation’, so why not refresh the look by adding a coat of paint here and there. This is a cheap way to make your home look almost new because you can basically paint them yourself.

Protect Your Kitchen Walls With a Backsplash

While the traditional versions of wall-saving backsplashes make use of tile, you can opt for another material that’s easier to install on your own. Using a stock of solid material for the surface, you can cut it and glue it into place. This way, you can keep your walls from growing mold and prevent the paint from cracking too. The job is easy to complete if you start early during the weekend because you’ll be done by Monday.

Get a New Set of Slipcovers

Forget buying a new sofa set for the living room that can put a strain on your wallet buy costing you an arm and a leg. Instead, you can save the time and money of buying a new sofa, by getting new slipcovers for your old ones. This will bring out the shape in a number of great colors, seasonal patterns, and prints. These can match the season or whatever theme you’ve decorated your home according to. New slipcovers give your sofas an edge of personality, not to mention that you can simply switch them if they get too old or you want a change of scenery.

Make Your Old Floor New Again

If you were upset about not having the budget for marble flooring, then here’s an alternative for you. Instead of laying new flooring, why not paint over the old one? Using a few cans of floor paint, you can give your floor a burst of color (or not) to match your style. You can do it yourself and not spend so much time on it either- a simple checkered pattern can improve its look by miles.

Add New Door Handles

These pretty adornments will give your home a vintage aesthetic; you can ditch your old mass-produced door knobs for antique ones that you can get at any home supplies store. If you can’t find old door handles, you can settle for new glass ones or perhaps sleek metal.

These are some of the ways that you can improvise with a minimal budget to give your home a few upgrades so that it can go from drab to (almost) fab. Simply gather your supplies, take a couple of tips from your local renovation expert, and get to it.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Every year, millions of homeowners begin to partake in spring cleaning rituals in an effort to expel the old and to prepare for the new.  With spring comes a reawakening of nature that has been dormant and silent.  Spring cleaning allows for an opportunity of rebirth, awakening, and change when it comes to organization, clutter, and providing a home with an updated, unique, fresh look.

When a decision is made to update, or to re-do an interior space, various factors are taken into consideration.  Colors have been found to scientifically impact and alter mood, emotion, and feeling and are the basis of color psychology.  Red, yellow, and orange are classified as warm colors and can impact a continuum of emotions from calm and affection to aggression and enmity.  In contrast, green, blue, and purple are categorized as cool colors and can precipitate feelings of tranquility and melancholy.  When redecorating a room, painting the walls a different color, or altering the color scheme in a room can be accomplished by utilizing accents, pillows, rugs, slipcovers, or other pieces of décor.  Altering colors in a room can invoke and precipitate emotions and feelings to align with the desired purpose of a room.

Texture is another key concept when sprucing up, or altering a space.  When an interior space lacks various textures within the room, it can feel flat and lack dimension.  Combining various layers of texture in design adds excitement and makes a space visually interesting.  Textures can be incorporated into a room via rugs, accessories like pillows, plants, or throw blankets, and via furniture finishes.  A room can boast a variety of wood, painted furniture, or upholstered pieces, whether customized or presented as a slipcover.  Slipcovers can also create skirted furnishings, thus hiding chair and table legs, adding further depths of texture.  Window treatments can be utilized to apply texture as well, by incorporating drapes, blinds, and various fabrics.

Patterns offer another way to decorate, or highlight aspects of a space.  Examples of frequently used patterns are geometric, toile, floral, plaid and checks, and striped.  One pattern can be used in a room, or multiple patterns can be utilized simultaneously.  Various patterns can be weaved together by utilizing the same color, fabrics, or wallpaper.

The implementation of various fabrics marries the concept of color, textures, and patterns in order to create a multi-dimensional space.  Fabrics can be utilized in upholstery, window treatments, and slipcovers throughout a room.  By implementing these various principles, an interior space can undergo a revival and re-awakening.  Similar to spring cleaning, one must discard the old in order to make room for the new.

Everyday Home Decoration

You have just rented your first apartment or bought your own house and now you need to get some furniture in and arranged.  Whether you grab some hand me downs or buy all new furniture, here are a few tips for making the best use of your home space.

Choose pleasing wall art from posters to paintings that will accent the room with color and reflect your personality.  Pick colors that complement or contrast with your furnishings. Before anything goes on the wall, if you can paint the walls, think about having a two-toned color scheme to tie everything together.  White is always classic, but you can have a little fun too if you are just moving in.

Think about the overall color scheme that you are trying to achieve.  If you are using hand me down pieces, try to combine them in a logical way that fits a style scheme.  If you need to buy other furniture, make sure it will fit in. Make sure that your furniture is well balanced in the room. Do not put anything too big and heavy in a small space.  Use large mirrors to give the illusion that a small space is bigger than it really is.

You can personalize your space with pictures and knick knacks, but also think about how you can personalize how you protect new furniture or cover up stains on old furniture.  Let’s say that you got a couch that does not fit your overall color scheme and it is a little worn around the edges. Use a slipcover to protect the surface, hide the stains, or change the color of your couch.  You can also use slipcovers to change the look of cushions and any other upholstered furniture you have. You can also change the look of your dining room by using slipcovers for dining room chairs.

If you follow these simple tips, your friends will think that you are an expert interior designer.  Keep it fun, keep it organized, and keep it colorful. If you do, you can create a trendy and comfortable living space.

What Makes For A Comfortable Hotel Stay

Every traveler has had a less than desirable hotel stay experience.  You show up and the room isn’t clean or there is a strange odor in the room.  Maybe you expected a mini-fridge to keep food and medication cold, but when you get there, you find out that the room you reserved did not come with one.  There are a number of things that you can do to plan ahead for a comfortable stay.

Check out online reviews and look for reviews about problems people had and how it was handled.  A hotel that is responsive to customer complaints will be a good place to stay because if you have an issue, you want them to be responsive.  Seeing how a traveller’s stay was managed is more useful than the number of stars that were awarded.

Check out their website and look for the amenities that you need as a baseline.  Once you know what is available, think about the things that you would want to bring with you for your own comfort like slippers, personal toiletry items, and a book or other form of entertainment.  Your hotel room is your home away from home; so make sure to bring a few items with you in order to make it as homey as possible.

When you get to your hotel room, check to make sure everything is clean.  Count the towels and make sure that there are enough for you and whomever you are travelling with.  The average hotel towels tend to be small and not very absorbent, and the average hotel pillows tend to collapse a lot when you lie down on them.  Once you have assessed the room, request additional towels and pillows if needed.

Some other factors that can make your hotel stay more comfortable are the extras that are available onsite like a gym or a pool.  These amenities can help you stay active while you pass the time. It is also a good idea to pack sanitary wipe to use in these common areas or in your room on things that are handled by everyone like the remote control.

Most major hotels now provides WiFi internet connection, but it is not always free.  Check ahead to make sure if there is WiFi and whether it is free. This is an especially important amenity if you do work on the road.  Ask at the check-in desk for the passcode or if it is provided in the room.

You also want to choose a hotel that is in the right location for what you are doing.  If you are just staying the night before catching the next flight, you want a location near the airport that provides a shuttle over having more luxurious amenities like a pool.  

Other factors to consider for location are things like restaurants that are within walking distance or that are on site as a part of the hotel complex. Check out how they describe their breakfast offering, if they have any.  A hot breakfast usually means better food and options than a continental breakfast. It is always a good idea to travel with some of your own snacks, so that you don’t have to find a vending machine or leave your room when you get hungry.